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Diploma in Psychological Counseling with Buddhist Insights

Damrivi has designed this course incorporating Buddhist insights into Western counseling theory and practice.

The course has been designed by a group of academics and experts in psychotherapy, psychology and Buddhist philosophy. This is the first ever course of this kind.

Damrivi has been conducting this course for the last 14 years. The academic staff comprises Buddhist scholars, psychiatrists, psychologists, educationists and invited experts.

This is a one year course with six month in-house internship.

Please inquire from Damrivi office for enrolment and details.


Professional Development Workshops & Courses for Counselors

Damrivi Foundation conducts the following professional development courses and seminars:

Damrivi Courses

1. Diploma in Psychological Counselling with Buddhist Insights
2. Higher Certificate in Child Psychology & Counselling
3. Diploma in Pali language

Damrivi Workshops

1. Principles of Behavioral Therapy
2. Principles of Sex Therapy
3. Principles of Managing child
4. Adolescence Mental Health
5. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
6. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
7. Family Therapy
8. Counselig for Terminal illness
9. Drama Therapy
10. Management of Child Adolescent Mental Health Problems
11. Techniques of Relationship Counselling
12. Music Therapy
13. Family Therapy in alcohol use disorders
14. OCD and its management including new methods
15. Marital Therapy
16. Workshop for caregivers of autistic children
17. Drama Therapy
18. Psychological first aid for Critical situations
19. Motivational Interviewing Counseling method to change behavior

Every month last Friday doing workshop
Please inquire from Damrivi office for days and details.


Practice based Internship Programs

We Conduct Internship programme who have completed diploma or higher diploma course in psychology or psychological counseling selection by interviews this internship programme is 200 hours at this programme intern students will observe counseling session and right formulation on particular case.

Investment for this programme Rs 20,000 per student.


Pali & Dhamma Discussions

Diploma in Pali Studies

This course has been designed specially for those who wish to read the Pali canon on their own. The course comprises three parts, preliminary, medium and advance, each part comprising ten lessons. The course has been designed for those who do not have any prior knowledge of Pali language.

Each part will be taught within a semester running into four months at the end of which there will be a final examination. In addition, the participants are evaluated in every two weeks as a part of continuous evaluation. It is expected that at the conclusion of all three parts the participants will be able to read the original Pali texts with a help of a dictionary. Those who complete all three parts successfully will receive a ‘Diploma in PLI Studies’ certificate.

A text, Understanding Pali Language, has been specifically developed for the course by Prof. AsangaTilakaratne who will teach the course with other expert university teachers.

Sutta Discussions

A discussion based on a selected Sutta is conducted by Prof. Asanga Tilakaratne on the last Saturday of every month at 4.30 pm.

These programs are Dhamma-dana services conducted by Damrivi.

Please inquire from Damrivi office for details.


Awareness creation through media

Damrivi psychiatrists and counselors frequently appear in TV, radio and newspapers speaking on mental health related themes.

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