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Different Services

Damrivi Foundation is a professional forum for bringing Buddhist insights into the development and offers a range of services including Buddhist counseling and meditation classes, Buddhist tours and pilgrimages and research into Buddhist philosophy to enrich both the spiritual and worldly lives.


Psychological Counseling with Buddhist insights

Damrivi Foundation, since 2010, has offered psychological counselling and psychiatric consultations. The foundation is exapanding its outreach to communities with a focus on children and young adults.


Dhamma Program

Damrivi’s weekly meditation programs are designed to promote mental wellbeing through the classical training of samatha and vippassana. Dhamma discussions complement these programs by deepening the knowledge.


Education and Professional Development

Damrivi Foundation offers diploma and certificate courses in counselling and professional development programs for counsellors. These programs are unique in integrating the Buddhist exposition of the mind into modern counseling approaches.



Damrivi Foundation organizes tours to places of worship, both within the country and outside.

We are E.s.t 2003

Who We Are

The Damrivi Foundation was set up in 2003 by a group of academics and professionals to establish a forum for social action guided by Buddhist insights and philosophy. The founders were inspired by the conviction that Buddhism provides a philosophy and a way of life promoting welfare of humankind and its harmony with environment . However that the great potential that lies in Buddhism remains to a large extent yet to be explored, articulated and actualized.




Construction of the new building

You have helped us raise over 30% of the total estimated cost of Rs.42.6mn. We need to raise the balance 70%. Your contributions to complete the project are humbly requested.


Most Venerable Tirikunamale Ananada Anu-nyaka Thera,

The chief incumbent, Siri Vajiraramaya, Bambalapitiya

The services rendered to the world and Sasana by Damrivi Foundation, run by a group of academics and professionals devoted to Buddhism, is commendable. Deriving inspiration from the teaching of the Buddha that mind is the fore-runner of all things, 'mano pubbangama dhamma', the foundation aims at transforming the society by transforming the thoughts, views and attitudes of people. Accordingly, in order to achieve this goal Damrivi Foundation is seen focusing mainly on spiritual and educational programs. In this context, special mention must be made on its counselling service based on Buddhist insights.

Free Meditation Program

Damrivi functions as a well patronized meditation center in Sri Lanka.

- Meditation by Mr. Gamini Priyantha - Every Wednesday and Sunday

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